Improve your balance. Condition your mind.

Get your all-access pass to over 500+ yoga and fitness classes led by world-renowned expert instructors! Start your free trial and achieve your wellness goals today!

Instructor benefits

Benefit from teaching millions online. Earn money each time a student enrolls on your paid course.

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Spread your passion

Few things feel as good as sharing your passion with someone and seeing the spark in their eyes. Harriet empowers you to spread knowledge, make money, and increase your online presence, all through one easy interface.

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Demonstrate Your Expertise

Our teachers are active academics, scientists, business leaders, artists, filmmakers, and more. They’ve been able to take their real world experience and use it to create something of lasting value - both to the world, and to themselves.

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Earn real money

We respect and value your knowledge, which is why Harriett instructors can earn up to $2 000 per month. The best part is we handle all the hard stuff like advertising and managing your course so you can focus on what matters: creating an incredible learning experience for your students.

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Connect with Great Minds

As a Harriett instructor, you become part of an extraordinary community of incredible people. Build relationships with fellow instructors to see growth in both your personal and professional lives.

Earn money anytime, anywhere!!

Expand your reach, create courses anytime and reach millions of students worldwide. Join other instructors who are earning thousands from teaching our African continent.

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