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Creating your course

The first step in creating your online course is figuring out what specific subject you will teach.

Some tips for choosing the right subject include:

  • Choose a focused and niche topic rather than a broad one. Having a broad topic usually means more competition. The more focused your niche, the easier it is to convey expertise.
  • Have expert-level knowledge. Keep in mind, being an expert on a topic might mean you have better-than-average knowledge. You don’t have to be a genius or have traditional credentials.
  • Know who your audience is, what their problems are, and how you can teach them to solve those problems.

equipment to use

After choosing a specific subject for your online course, it’s time to start making it. You’ll want to keep production levels pretty high. Remember, people are going to pay good money for your class so your courses should be of better quality.

To start, you’ll need:

  • A good HD, DSLR camera, or phone camera with a tripod.
  •  Lighting. You don’t want your videos to be darker. Lighting rings are a cheap and effective way to light yourself for online course videos. 
  • Editing software, you can choose from a wide range of video editing software online, but some of the free and easy to use include windows movie maker and Davinci Resolve.

If you can’t afford a professional setup try with whatever equipment you can get your hands on. However, remember that quality and professional-looking videos can attract an audience and increase sales.

Filming your course

Once you’ve picked a subject and have all the right gear, it’s time to shoot some video!
Make sure you are somewhere quiet and your background does have as many colours. Then set up the camera on a tripod in front of you and place the lights behind the camera. Once you have your little mini-studio set up it’s time to record.

Do a test recording first to make sure that you look and sound good. If you see any sort of shadow on your face or body, adjust the lights accordingly to eliminate it.

Most popular questions

How much should I charge for my course?

Online courses can cost anywhere from $5 to $2,000. Your first online course is probably going to fall somewhere within the $5-$200 range. This can vary based on your topic, audience, and expertise.

How can I make more money on my course?

One of the best ways to make more money on your course is to offer additional products during purchase. These are called upsells. Upsells create another purchase opportunity before the initial transaction is over. You can do this by offering coaching sessions and Live group training

How can i market my course?

Just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come. You’re going to have to market your online course for it to be successful. Create useful marketing content. Create marketing videos, or participate in Facebook Groups.

How can i increase the value of my course?

One way to increase the price of your online course it to add value to it. You can do this by offering bonus materials, using upsells and including bonuses in your online course.

Ready to create your first course?

Remember your knowledge has value, and there are people out there who would gladly pay to learn from you! Online courses and e-learning are a massive opportunity to create revenue and earn some good money.
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